iImprov - The Fundamentals

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    Learn the basics of jazz improvisation through your Android device!

    The developers at Jazz Apps Mobile LLC hope to help you de-mystify some of the fundamental elements of improvisation by helping you gain some of the basic tools needed for being able to solo at those first jam sessions. These basic tools will also help you build a foundation that will be useful as you further develop your craft as an improvising musician.

    This edition of iImprov includes:

    Detailed introduction to basic theory.

    Interactive lessons that include exercises as well as written and audio examples.

    JAM-A-longs in all keys with tempo and balance control.

    A basic ear training module.

    A scale to chord Compendium.

    Instrument-specific transposition.

    Topics that are covered include-

    Scale construction
    Chord construction
    The Cycle
    The Blues

    Endlessly looping JAM-A-longs

    I VI II V Progression
    II V Progression
    III VI II V Progression
    The Cycle-(embedded in Lesson 5)

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