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    iImprov-The Minor II V is part of a series from the developers at Jazz Apps Mobile LLC.
    The iImprov series is intended for jazz improvisers of all levels to help them gain and perfect the tools of the craft. These apps are not presented progressively as each one is designed to target a specific need in any jazz improviser’s arsenal. Beginning and intermediate musicians can benefit from full explanations of the theory and concepts involved in tackling specific challenges that face the improvising musician, as well as apply them in the applications’ Jam-A-Long sections. More advanced players can benefit from focusing on specific keys and progressions for Jam-A-Long. Each Jam-A-Long allows the user to select any key to improvise in over an endless loop. Tempos are also adjustable.

    Our first release focuses on the Minor II V. The Minor II V is one of the more common, yet often ‘fluffed’ over, progressions found in the jazz repertoire. Our goal is to take the mystery out playing over these progressions. The Jam-A-Long includes focus on individual chords as well as in a progression. We have also defined the scale to chord relationships for each key and allow the user to listen to the isolated scale as well as hear it over the appropriate chord. We also offer a method to best practice these scales and progressions.


    Full explanation of the concepts involved.

    Detailed Theory of note to chord relations.

    Audio and visual representation of the scales.

    Audio playback of the scales played over the appropriate chords.

    Jam-A-Long for each isolated chord in all keys.

    Jam-A-Long for each progression in all keys.

    Each Jam-A-Long was recorded individually as to give variation for each key.

    Mixer control for the Jam-a-Long instruments.

    Tempo control for each Jam-a-Long.

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