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    Celebrate John Cage's 100th birthday by playing the John Cage Piano app on your Android device. One of the many ingenious innovations of American composer/writer/artist John Cage was his creation of the "prepared piano", in which he placed objects beneath and between the strings of a grand piano to create an entirely new instrument.

    The sounds of John Cage's prepared piano are now available for you to play on your Android device with this innovative app. Play meticulously sampled sounds of a piano prepared with the actual materials used by John Cage in the preparations for his Sonatas and Interludes (1946-48) as sampled under the supervision of the John Cage Trust.

    Both paid and free versions allow you to your record your performance and share it via Facebook, Twitter and email.

    The paid tablet version features all 36 prepared notes, playable at once, plus the ability to save your performances locally, making dramatically unique ring tones possible.

    The free version offers 9 sampled notes on screen at a time, while a random shuffle button makes available other prepared notes.

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