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    First and foremost, welcome and thank you for visiting JukeBOX. Our goal is very simple: to not only be part of the consumer, but also true contributors of Hip-Hop. And by Hip-Hop, we mean what we feel is THE correct definition, as presented to us by the forefathers Kool Herc and Afrika Bambaataa:

    The MC: The voice of Hip-Hop, the singer, the rapper, the poets, the projector of words.

    The DJ: The backbone, the sound to accompany the voice, not only the traditional DJ but also the composer, the producer, the engineer, the soundman, the beatmaker (you see where this one is going).

    The (Graffiti) Artist: I put graffiti in parens because I don't believe it was meant to only include a graffiti artist as much as the visual art of Hip-Hop as a whole, which includes the painters, the designers, etc.

    The B-Boy & B-Girl: The breakdancer, more generally the movement or dance of Hip-Hop. That includes dancers of the culture period (choreographed, natural, anything), in my opinion.

    So that's what JukeBOX. is about. We provide the news, the music, the videos, the art, and anything else that shows the continuation of the movement. There are only a few of us running around like idiots at the moment, but as we continue to build off of experience (see what I did there?), hopefully the JukeBOX. family will as well. All in all, we hope you enjoy checking us out for all things Hip-Hop past, present and future.

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