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    Keuwl Guitar Tuner uses the microphone to auto detect the pitch of the note being played. The 3 dials will rotate to show the note being played. The middle dial shows the pitch or note name. The inner dial shows the octave. The outer dial will show if the note is flat or sharp - The orange region is within 10 cents for good tuning, the green is within 5 cents for more accurate tuning.

    Keuwl Guitar Tuner is free. No ads. No trial version. No time limits. No restricted features. The only permission is for microphone access. This is the full version!

    Whilst optimised as a guitar tuner, this app can be used for tuning many other musical instruments. Frequency detection from B0 (30 Hz) up to C8 (4186 Hz).

    In addition to 12 Tone Equal Temperament(12-TET), choose from just intonation, Pythagorean, 5-limit, 7-limit, quarter comma meantone and N-Tone equal temperament tuning. For N-Tone ET, N can range from 5 to 52.

    Shift feature for those that don’t want A to be 440 Hz or if you need to tune to accompany your out of tune friends. Get them to play a note, hit the shift key, and rotate the dial to what they thought they played. Hit the shift key again and then tune as normal. Remember to hit reset to get back to original settings at any time.

    Pitch Pipe also included.

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