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    Key Degrees is a tool to help you memorize where certain notes/chords are found within a particular key/scale. This has a great number of applications for musicians, some of which can allow you to switch keys quickly, and read number charts fluently.

    Many professional musicians use number charts (aka Nashville Numbers) to perform their songs. Similar to the chord charts you may be familiar with, but instead chord names are replaced with numbers. Each number represents the scale degree of the chosen key signature.

    So for instance, in the key of Cmajor, where C is the first degree, would be represented by the number 1. D by the number 2, E by the number 3, and so on.

    One of the benefits to using number charts is that they can be transcribed into any key instantly. Whereas chord charts have to be re-written every time the key is changed.
    You'll find this system quite indispensable if you work with one of 'those' singers who likes to pull a key change on you at the very last minute... or every two minutes (Providing you know your keys well enough).

    Key Degrees has been created with number charts in mind. Displaying a random, yet playable 4 bar chord progression that can be generated over and over again with just a tap. The idea is for you to play through this progression on your instrument, in your own time, even repeating it if you like, then moving onto the next one. Once you feel comfortable with everything that your difficulty setting has thrown at you, step it up to the next one.

    Varying levels of difficulty:
    'Beginner' starts you off with just 3 keys (C,F and G Major) and progressions only containing the degrees 1,4 and 5.
    As you work your way through the levels more degrees are added along with even more keys to test yourself on.
    'Expert' Contains all major and relative minor keys.

    You don't even need your instrument in front of you to practice. Although it is ideal to play along in order to familiarize yourself with how the chords relate to each other on your instrument, you can still practice your knowledge while sitting on the bus, or waiting for your train. Any time you have a spare minute.

    You Will:
    -Learn to read Number Charts
    -Learn your Keys and scale degrees
    -Improve your sight reading
    -Learn new chord progressions
    -learn to transcribe songs real-time into any key

    A short guide has been provided to get you started. Extended information on number charts and Nashville Numbers can be found on the internet.

    Included are Major and Minor key charts to help you along if you get stuck.

    All requests and ideas for improvements are welcome.

    *Requires Adobe Air to be installed on your device.

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