mac·ro·cosm noun \ˈma-krə-ˌkä-zəm\

    1: the great world : universe
    2: a complex that is a large-scale reproduction of one of its constituents

    in less vague terms: kosm is an abstract audio sequencer. Whereas the convention is to align musical events in perfect time slots and at a given pitch, kosm triggers audio via gravity and mass.

    as it is an application running on a mobile device / tablet you might want to try the usual suspects: tapping the screen at different lengths - perhaps pinching -, changing the angle of the device, experimentation is key, you can influence this world of orbs, leaving less to chance or chaos.

    depending on your experiments, the gentle macrobiotic sounds can quickly unfold into mayhem more reminiscent of giant planets colliding. as such, kosm is best enjoyed with headphones as the sounds go pretty deep.

    Permissions required by the application:

    SD card access for saving recorded audio.

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