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    Let the hot Latin beat heat up your days. Pop, salsa, hip-hop, Latin rock and rap. Enjoy them all in Latin music online.

    “I like the Latin music played here. They are all original and hardly heard this side of the world. It’s so easy to get hooked on Latin music online.”- Jasmin Y.

    Want to listen to all original Latin music? Want to get more of the Latin beat and grind?

    All original
    Latin music online plays all original Latin music as performed by Latin musicians. Latin music online does not play your usual top 40 music as heard in the US and UK charts. Latin music online plays Latin pop, salsa, hip-hop, rock, rap and jazz. Latin music styles with influences of meringue, tango and bachata. And yes, once on a while you will hear some soulful Latin romantic song.

    Discover Latin music. Get to know the Latin artists and rock stars on Latin music online.

    Imports and exports
    There is nothing like the Latin beat. There is no music as hot, as passionate and as sultry as the Latin beat. Latin music has permeated the music of Europe and the US and has allowed music from other countries influence their music for the better.

    Each Latin country has its own music style and these in turn have influenced western music. Consider Brazil’s samba and bossa nova’s influence in jazz music which could still be recognized today. There’s the cha-cha and mambo music of Cuba and Columbia’s meringue music; the reggaeton of Panama and Jamaica. Listen to the different Latin styles on Latin music online.

    Nothing like the Latin beat
    You’ve heard Latin music and Latin artists in the US and UK top 40 charts. Your top of mind Latin artists would be Enrique Iglesias, Jo Lo, Shakira, Thalia, Marc Anthony. But that is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak.

    Latin musicians are influencing the world with their great music and unique style. There’s Wisin and Yandel collaborating with Chris Brown and T-Pain for ‘Algo Me Gusta De Ti’, Carlos Vives, Tito El Bambino with Marc Anthony in ‘Por Que Les Mientes?’, Gerardo Ortiz, just to name a few. Get to hear and know more Latin artist and their music on Latin music online.

    The pulse of Latin
    Listen to Latin music online and your pulse will quicken and your heart beat louder. It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Spanish or understand only a handful of Spanish words. The melody, the beat and rhythm is enough for you to feel one with the music.

    Listen to Mario Mendes and Miguel Saez’ ‘Ella Esta Pa Mi’ and you’ll feel the urge to dance. Get down with Estilo Libre as he raps in ‘Tu Sonrisa’.

    Download Latin music online and heat up your music library.

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