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    LayaTarangLite is the demo version of LayaTarang, an app for practice of layakari (Polyrhythm). LayaTarang plays tabla tekas in different layakaris as polyrhythmic patterns. It is useful for learners of hindustani music ( tabla, vocal and instrumental ) and dance( kathak) to sharpen their skills in Layakari. Some of the feature restrictions in the demo version are

    Only Tintal is available (of the 15 basic tabla taal in the full version)
    limited choices of Beats per minute viz, 30, 60, 90 and 120bpm
    Only 3 sidhi layakari viz., dugun, tigun and chaugun are available
    Updates will not be available for the lite version.

    The lite version is intended to be used for testing before purchasing the full version.

    LayaTarangLite is a creation of
    SiddhiSadhana, the developers of
    LehraBox - A lehra player for your tabla practice,
    LehraBoxComposer - Compose your own lehra and play through your LehraBox
    LayaTarang - For tabla, kathak or hindustani music practice, to sharpen Layakari skills
    ShruthiLaya - A collection of carnatic music lessons for beginners
    TihaiShastra - Learn, Play and Compose Tihais for tabla, hindustani vocal and kathak

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