Learn How to Play the Guitar

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    Learn How to Play the Guitar

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    Fantastic app that will help you learn how to play some super rock tabs that'll blow your friends away.

    Here is a lineup of what you will learn from Learn How to Play the Guitar :

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    Choice of Guitar
    Main Parts of the Guitar
    Lesson 1 Tuning the Guitar
    Basic Terms and Symbols in Music
    Lesson 2 The Notation of Rhythms
    Lesson 3 Rhythmic Exercises
    Lesson 4 Terms and Symbols in Guitar Music
    Learning Pitches on the Guitar
    Notes on the High E-String (first string)
    Lesson 5 Notes on the B-String (second string)
    Dotted Rhythms
    Lesson 6 Notes on the B and E-Strings
    Lesson 7 Notes on the G-String (third string)
    Lesson 8 Notes on the D-String (fourth string)
    Lesson 9 Notes on the G and D-Strings
    Lesson 10 Notes on the A-String (fifth string)
    Lesson 11 Notes on the low E-String (sixth string)
    Note Drill
    Lesson 12 Accidentals
    Lesson 13 Rests
    Lesson 14 Reading Guitar Music in 2 to 4 Parts
    Reference Sheet
    Lesson 15 Two Beginning Pieces
    Lesson 16 Key Signatures
    Lesson 17 Self Tests
    Lesson 18 Scarborough Fair
    Prelude in D Major
    Lesson 19 Exercises for the Development of Rhythm
    Lesson 20 Two Selected Classical Pieces
    Lesson 21 Scales
    Lesson 22 Slurs
    Lesson 23 Basic Chords
    House of the Rising Sun
    Lesson 24 Advanced Tuning Techniques
    Lesson 25 Finding Notes on the Fret Board
    Lesson 26 Classical Guitar Pieces
    Lesson 27 Guitar Repertoire Selections
    Answers to Exercises

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