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    In this app, brought to you by Swathi soft solutions, Mridangam Maestro presents a selection of mora-s and korvais-s, the crown jewel in any percussionist’s repertoire.

    This app presents korvai-s in Adi, Rupaka Chapu, Misra chapu and Kanda chapu thalams, with different Gati-s. The presentation of these rhythmic nuances, performed by the maestro himself along with his senior disciples, is accompanied by a detailed explanation given by Dr. Umayalpuram Sivaraman

    Also included are a selection of mora-s in Adi, Rupaka and Kanda Chapu thalams.

    Dr. Umayalpuram Sivaraman then goes on to present an Adi thala korvai in three different gati-s and a segment on matching Mora-s and Korvai-s that have similar rhythmic patterns.

    A special inclusion in this App is a rhythmic composition of Dr. sivaraman’s in Sankeerna Dhruvam with 29 beats.

    This user friendly app will surely be a valuable addition to the digital libraries of amateur percussionists and more advanced artistes who wish to hone their skills under this master.

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