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    This app utilises 107 easy to follow tutorial lessons on how to play the keyboards.

    The first 23 lessons are included and the rest can easily be added.

    How Jam Cards Work
    Chapter 1 - Getting Started
    Chapter 2 - Getting to Know Your Keyboard
    Chapter 3 - What are Chords
    Chapter 4 - Major versus Minor
    Chapter 5 - Playing Chords
    Chapter 6 - Sustain and Decay
    Chapter 7 - Shuffle Feel
    Chapter 8 - Chord Inversions
    Chapter 9 - Improvising
    Chapter 10 - Major Pentatonic Scale
    Chapter 11 - Minor Pentatonic Scale
    Chapter 12 - Diationic Chords In Major
    Chapter 13 - Chord Progression- I ii iii IV
    Chapter 14 - Chord Progression- IVviIV
    Chapter 15 - Chord Progression- I IV-1
    Chapter 16 - Chord Progression- I IV-2
    Chapter 17 - Chord Progression- I IV-3
    Chapter 18 - Chord Progression- I V-1
    Chapter 19 - Chord Progression- I V-2
    Chapter 20 - Chord Progression- I V-3
    Chapter 21 - Chord Progression- I IVV-1
    Chapter 22 - Chord Progression- I IVV-2
    Chapter 23 - Chord Progression- I IVV-3
    Chapter 24 - Suspensions
    Chapter 25 - Bass Lines
    Hindi Keyboard Tutorial Main Agar kahoon Tutorial Om Shanti Om
    Learn to play Melody Ghar aya mera pardesi
    Learn Chu kar mere man ko on virtual piano
    Learn to play Melody Gulabi ankhain jo teri dekh
    Learn to play Melody Har kisi ko nahi milta
    Tum Dil Ki Dharkan Mein - Keyboard Tutorial Notation
    Learn to play Melody Rim jhim gire sawan
    Learn to play Melody Dilber mere kab tak mujhe
    How to sing-along only with chords Part 1
    How to sing-along with chords part 2
    How to sing-along with chords part 3
    Piano Keyboard Lesson 1 Names of five black keys and white keys
    Piano Keyboard Lesson 2 Sharp and Flat Notes in keyboard
    Piano keyboard lesson 3 Tones and semitones whole step and half step in keyboard
    Piano Keyboard Lesson 4 Fingers and its numbers
    Piano Keyboard Lesson 5 Playing C Major Scale
    Piano Keyboard Lesson 6 Gmaj or G Major scale
    Keyboard Lesson 8 A Minor Harmonic Scale Construction
    Piano Keyboard Lesson 7 A Major Scale
    Keyboard Lesson 9 A Minor Melodic Scale Construction
    Keyboard Lesson 10 Dil Dil Pakistan with relative major and relative minor scales
    Keyboard Lesson 11 Harmonic and Melodic Eminor Scale Construction
    Learn to play C Minor song Aa ja nach le on Yamaha PSR S-900 Keyboard
    Learn to play Ghar aya mera pardesi on keyboard
    Learn to play G Minor scale song Gulabi aankhein jo teri dekhi
    Learn to play G Major scale song Har kisi ko nahi milta
    Learn how to play F Minor song Dilber mere kab tak mujhe
    Yaad Kia Dil Ne - Ragatracks Perfroming Arts Announced
    Piano Keyboard Minor Chords Practice
    Piano Keyboard Major Chords Practice Both Hands
    Chords and its construction
    Chand Sifarish - C Minor Scale
    Blues Piano Lesson 2
    Piano Lessons Musicians How to Play the Electric Keyboard
    How to Play Piano Lesson 24 The battle of the boards
    Piano Lessons - Learn to play the Blues
    How To Play Moonlight Sonata on pianokeyboard
    How to Play Analog Synthesizers and Vintage Keyboards Free Online Music Lessons Controlling Pitch Modulation on an Analog Synthesizer or Vintage Keyboard
    Piano Lessons Musicians What Are the Parts of a Keyboard
    Keyboard Geography - Beginner Video 4
    How To Play Fur Elise on pianokeyboard
    Rock and Roll Keyboard Lessons Rock Keyboard Timing Tips
    Free Gospel Keyboard Lessons
    Rock and Roll Keyboard Lessons How to Use Keyboard Simulators
    Keyboard Riffs Lesson Tutorial
    keyboard lesson 1 - part 1
    How to play pianokeyboard lesson 1-an introduction
    How to play Trance Techno on Keyboard Lesson 1
    Yamaha PSR-E313 demo EZ Keyboard Lesson from wwwroamstarmusiccom
    keyboard lesson 9 - part 1
    1 Free Gospel Keyboard Lessons - Arpeggio
    How to play Trance Techno on Keyboard Lesson 2
    Reggaeton Beat Sequencing with a Korg Triton Keyboard Sequencer Sounds With a Korg Triton Keyboard
    Re keyboard lesson 5 - part 1
    Love Intro PianoKeyboard lesson
    Keyboard Lessons demo 2
    Live Internet PianoKeyboard Lessons

    and many more!

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