Logic 204 Ultrabeat Unleashed

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    Logic 204 Ultrabeat Unleashed

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    2-hours of Logic Studio UltraBeat tutorial-videos. Steve H. shows you how to use Ultrabeat as a synth, sampler, and step-sequencer combined!

    Steve H. is at it again with this power-house tutorial showing you how to use Ultrabeat.

    The tutorial starts with a detailed exploration of Ultrabeat's interface. You'll learn how to trace the signal path from start to finish through the instrument - along the way you'll learn how Ultrabeat's switches and buttons (including hidden switches) function to control it's sound.

    You'll move on to a detailed exploration of oscillators as you discover how to synthesis drum sounds from the ground-up in Ultrabeat. Why use presets ... make your own unique drum sounds by watching these videos!

    Next you'll explore filters, envelopes & modulators as you shape your oscillators to create your sound.

    The second half of the tutorial moves into the groove. In this section you'll learn how to create drum patters using Ultrabeat's built-in step sequencer. By the end of the video, you'll be ready to put your vintage 909 (and your favorite drummer) in the closet - Ultrabeat has the sounds and versatility you're after!

    Table of Contents:

    01. Welcome to Ultrabeat
    02. Geography Lesson
    03. Audio Signal Path
    04. Switches and Buttons
    05. Those Hidden Filter Switches
    06. Osc. 1 Phase Modulation
    07. Osc. 1 Frequency Mod.
    08. Osc. 1 Using Side Chain
    09. Osc. 2 Sampler Part 1
    10. Osc. 2 Sampler Part 2
    11. Osc. 2 Physical Modelling
    12. The Noise Generator
    13. Ring Modulation
    14. Filter & Distortion Section
    15. Modulation Envelopes
    16. Modulation LFO’s
    17. Via Secrets Revealed
    18. Using Vias as Modulators
    19. Voice EQ
    20. Voice Pan & Stereo Spread
    21. Sequencer Geography
    22. Step Essentials
    23. Creating Patterns
    24. Advanced Techniques
    25. Full View Grid Mode
    26. Using Pattern Mode
    27. Parameter Offset Sequencing
    28. Voice Mute Mode
    29. Output Trigger Groups
    30. The Keyboard Map 24 + 1
    31. Importing Voice Presets
    32. Chopping Audio
    33. Swing and Accents
    34. Patterns into Regions
    35. Multi-Channel Outputs

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