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    MPV trainer Nigel Broad is back with another great electronic dance music exploration, Dubstep Essentials . Join Nigel as he takes you under his wing while he creates a full-blown Dubstep track from Drum and Bass to final mix…
    Dubstep is an exciting style of music that lends itself to a lot of creativity and the powerful use of plugins and virtual instruments of all kinds. Nigel Broad, a chart-topping dance producer, knows a thing or two about Dubstep and in this Logic tutorial he creates a full-blown Dubstep track, starting with the drum programming and evolving all the way through the final mix.

    This 25-video class starts off with Logic’s mighty Ultrabeat drum machine, where you’ll learn to set up, program and tweak a killer Dubstep drum beat. Nigel is the ultimate Ultrabeat and Logic master and shares his hit-making tips throughout this tutorial.

    What’s a Dubstep track without a Wobble bass? Using the ES 2, Massive and RAZOR, Nigel shows you how to create a composite bass line that will blow you away! Next he conjures up some cool pads, leads and SFX that really make the track shine. Finally, Nigel wraps it up by talking about song structure before he mixes and masters his custom track.

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Organizing Ultrabeat
    3. Pre-Production Pt 1: Finder
    4. Pre-Prod. Pt 2: Back to Ultrabeat
    5. Setting Up a Kit in Ultrabeat
    6. Drum Patterns in Dubstep - Part 1
    7. Drum Patterns in Dubstep - Part 2
    8. Dubstep Drums Sound Design - Part 1
    9. Dubstep Drums Sound Design - Part 2
    10. Dubstep Drums Sound Design - Part 3
    11. Wobble Bass in ES2
    12. Wobble Bass in NI’s Massive
    13. Talking Bass in NI’s RAZOR
    14. Creating a Dubstep Bassline
    15. Glitch Effects
    16. Pads and Leads
    17. Sound FX and Atmospheres
    18. Wild & Wacky Sound Design
    19. Song Structure Basics
    20. The Art of The Drop
    21. Vocal Tracks vs. Instrumentals
    22. Hybrid Song Structures
    23. Mixing Techniques for Dubstep
    24. Mastering Tips
    25. Conclusion

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