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    *** Our lyrics licensing has expired due to the lack of resources and paying customers. However, our music player still makes for a great player (especially for Lyrical learning) with our Auto-Back-Tracking Technology ***

    While you jog, walk, run, eat or drive, you can use your audio files with our Auto-Back-Tracking technology (use the "refresh" icon in player mode at the top left hand corner, then select your "Learning Curve") which will allow you to easily Learn and Memorize in increments then Recall the Quran/Bible, speeches, lectures or any audible media for that matter by heart, not just lyrics to songs; by automatically & repeatedly drilling it into your head. Whether you're preparing for your Karaoke performance, rehearsing your school speech or studying the bible, one thing is for sure: daily practicing with ABT and the built-in video-recorder will guarantee you in becoming a LyricalPRO at any age!

    Currently only available for Android. Share it with your friends and family. We need to ramp up users to re-allocate our resources and continue development.

    Ad-supported licensed song lyrics (powered by LyricFind, rather than paid lyrics) are an option we are looking at in the future.

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    Learn the Words in Half of the Time! You Can Amaze Your Friends, Family and Strangers by Singing/Rapping Like a Pro

    LyricalPro provides you with the unique ability to learn the lyrics to songs with ease. Simply select or search for a song then when you find a song you wish to lyrically master, choose your learning curve and let the “Lyrical Pro” of the music world do the rest and guide you to becoming a lyrics genius.

    From the first time you open the app to your first perfectly remembered rap, country tune, or song from a 50 crooner, you’ll be the one getting wild applause, even standing ovations, and be a local Karaoke Star at the bar!

    Lyrical Pro boasts and impressive feature set beyond its beautiful design, unrivaled by any other Apps out there:
    Free Top-of-the-line & Leading Edge: Enhanced Music Player
    Personal Video Progress Recording
    Access to 2.2+ Millions of Lyrics with Online Music Scrolling Lyrics Reader and Synchronized Music Player (New users: 10-free lyric load credits!)
    Pinpoint Bookmarking Mechanism (tap heart icon to cue)
    Playlist Creation & Syncing (Press-Hold any Song to Multi-Select)
    Global Shuffle: Listen to your Whole Collection Randomly
    Follow Fellow Music Lovers, Discover New Music
    Search Lyrics for a Song with the Lyrics Finder and Target Any Specific Song and Exactly What You Want To Learn with Beginning and End Range Pins!
    Auto-Repetition w/ Patent Pending Auto-Back-Track Looping Technology (Load the Lyrics, then use the Refresh/Re-cycle Icon in the Lyric Viewer to Access your Learning Curve. Start with Novice. You can press-and-hold play/pause to re-cue at your Green Start position point during playback. The song will "Beep" after each cycle until you get it right)
    & more!


    Use the Lyrical Pro app just as a music player to listen to your collection, lyric finder or viewer to Sing Along or Master any Song, any verse, any chorus, any bridge, Anywhere, Anytime with or without the words, by drilling Song Lyrics into your head like your High School Teacher with Our apps Unique & Proprietary Auto-Repetition/Auto-Backtrack-Looping technology.

    Remember the Words, Forever.

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    LyricalPro Learn Lyrics Faster & Easier. Forever.

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