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    For Brooklyn born rising star Mike Woods “M Dot Mancini, taking risks is nothing new.
    M Dot Mancini describes his music as hot and yet still edgy and thought provoking. “Hip Hop music to me is like painting a picture that tells a story. Some of those stories can be inspirational and life altering and some can just move you to have a good time. “I never choose a song that I can’t relate to in some way, shape or form. My music will always reflect who I am and what I’m experiencing at that time” His musical influences which include such a diverse array of artist that include superstar Prince, Neyo, Jay Z and the legendary Stevie Wonder make it obvious why this newcomer is “the one to watch”
    To fuel M Dot Mancini’s love for music, he teamed up with some of the industry’s hottest rising stars to produce and write music that is quickly catching the attention of a vast, untapped audience that is eager to hear something new and fresh.
    M Dot Mancini’s rap career began when he produced a project for a local New York City artist. As he pursued his interest in production, his passion for writing was ignited when he realized he could express his opinion in a way that could reach the masses. By his third year of working fulltime with multiple artists, M Dot Mancini knew it was time for him to begin working on his personal project titled” Dreams”.
    M Dot Mancini made a crucial decision to walk away from his regular “9 to 5” and put it all on the line for his dream. This sudden career shift raised the eyebrows of some; but those doubters quickly became believer with the release of his first single RockStar Wasted which depicts the lifestyle. With the release on of the in studio video Of RockStar Wasted, M Dot Mancini receive over 125,000 views.

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