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    This is a content pack for use with Caustic 2.
    You must have Caustic 2 installed to use this!

    This is the demo version!

    Marching Band Horn: The exact name of this instrument is unknown. It uses a French horn mouthpiece and the range is a little lower than a trumpet and a little higher than a trombone. To make most of the instruments in this set I played single notes and resynthesized them to create multi-samples. In all cases the resulting tone is still very brassy and close to the natural one.

    This library is not meant to perfectly emulate the real instrument. But it is great for adding a horn flavor and also providing a wider range of uses, a good way to add brasses to your compositions. The sounds range from smooth and mellow to hard hitting and growling, from staccatos and stabs to sustained pads.

    The free demo pack has 7 PCMSynth presets. The paid pack adds 30 for a combined total of 37 PCMSynth presets, most are multi-sampled. Both must be installed to have the complete content.

    PDF documentation is included and it can also be viewed on our website.

    Also visit our website to download the free single cycle waveform presets for Caustic's PCMSynth!

    Note that there are Kontakt 4 and soundfont versions of the Marching Band Horn available here:

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