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    Medoly is a media player for lyrics. Medoly can play music files stored in your device.


    This app has two big features.

    1. Lyrics display function

    Medoly can display lyrics.

    Support formats
    - External lyrics file ( *.lrc, * kra, * txt)
    - External subtitle file (*.srt, *.stl, *.scc, *.ssa, *.ass, *.xml)
    - Embedded synchronized lyrics ( SYLT/SLT (ID3v2), LYR (Lyrics3v2) )
    - Embedded unsynchronized lyrics ( USLT/ULT, LYRICS, @lyr, WM/Lyrics, Lyrics, ILYC, UNSYNCEDLYRICS, UNSYNCED LYRICS )

    The external lyrics file supports the following formats. They are selected according to contents.
    - LRC ( )
    - Time tag specification (タイムタグ仕様書) ( )
    - JoyHack ( )

    The lyrics automatically scroll to match the playback time.
    In the case of external subtitle file, it will automatically select the format according to the extension.

    2. Search function

    Medoly can search music files by combining a plurality of conditions shown below.

    - Folder (directory)
    - Title
    - Artists
    - Album
    - Genre
    - Year
    - Composer
    - MIME type
    - Playlist

    In addition, this app has following functions.
    - Gapless Playback
    - Gapless Loop
    - AB Loop
    - The pseudo loop by LOOPSTART / LOOPLENGTH
    - Control loop count
    - Switching multiple album arts
    - Switching multiple lyrics
    - Set app volume
    - First forward & Rewind (Speed ajustable)
    - Share the media, album art, lyrics
    - Edit play queue (sort, ordering, remove)
    - Reading, writing, and delete the playlist (M3U file, absolute/relative path support)
    - Search the files from the playback media information
    - Recently played
    - Control form widgets, notification, and lock screen
    - Remote control (bluetooth and headset)
    - Display media info by Bluetooth AVRCP (Android 4.3 and later)
    - Stop and restart playing at the time of connection/disconnection headset, Bluetooth, and phone call.
    - At the time of the headset or Bluetooth or phone connection and disconnection, start or stop playback.
    - Scaling of the view area by pinch zoom
    - Selection Output Device
    - Close timer
    - Export/Import settings
    - Add function by plugin
    Etc. ...


    Bitbucket ( )

    If you have any bug reports, feature requests, other information etc, please write it here. (in English or Japanese)

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