Meep Mixer Lite




    Call it a noise maker or a musical instrument. This audio tool turns intersecting lines into an assortment of beeps. You arrange the lines, it plays the sounds. This unconventional sound composition / mixer tool uses lines and intersections in a graphical way to structure digital audio. Extending a line slows down the repetition of its associated sound sample, and making it shorter causes the sample to repeat more. But the sound is only triggered when its line intersects with another line. The system has a limit of 18 distinct samples (beeps) running at one time.

    Think of this as a kid mixer, a goof-off sound mixer, a noise maker, or a way to annoy your friends. Produce a symphony of noises. Take inspiration from Luigi Russolo or John Cage: noise is music. Young, edgy future composer, launch your 21st century composition career with Meep Mixer Lite.

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