MeraGana Karaoke for Sony S2




    == PLEASE NOTE: Application requires a paid subscription to the MeraGana Online Service ==

    MeraGana Karaoke and Sing along of Indian Music the largest library of Indian Karaoke in the world with over 9,000 tracks. is the first Indian Company to aggressively pursue the Indian entertainment market with a particular focus on Karaoke/Sing-along of Indian Songs.

    You need not buy individual tracks; the entire library is open to you as a user for unlimited use during your period of subscription.

    The MeraGana Player for allows you to sing-a-long to your favorite Indian Film & Non-Film tracks using your device and permits unlimited anywhere Karaoke 24/7 x 365 days a year. You can choose from a huge database of songs so there's something for everyone. All you need is your device and you can bring your singing passion to wherever you go.

    Features of MeraGana Karaoke:
    - The first and only full featured Karaoke player with an unlimited access to the entire library of songs. So you need not buy individual tracks, the entire library of over 7,500 tracks is open to you as a user.
    - Navigation and finding a song is fast using the simple user interface.
    - Has an easy and super fast search feature. Type in any song title, album or film, singer, on-screen actor or words in the lyrics and the results appear instantly.
    - Full screen playback. See the lyrics in the entire screen.
    - Option to play songs or see the lyrics only.
    - The Karaoke tracks are created in a music studio and perfectly timed to the original track.
    - The Karaoke tracks are not from midi sounds but actual sounds of original instruments. We use the original Tabla, Dholak, Flute and so on.
    - Many tracks have the original background music & chorus.
    - The world’s single largest library of Indian Karaoke.
    - Many Karaoke tracks are added every week.
    - Permits the user to build your Favorite Karaoke Playlists
    - Permits unlimited, anywhere Karaoke 24/7 x 365 days a year
    - Compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch
    - Bring your singing passion alive anywhere with MeraGana Karaoke

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