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    A configurable, virtual MIDI Piano Roll for your smartphone, tablet and PC making this the best thing to happen to Android for the sheet-musically challenged!

    My own clever workaround to Android's High Audio Latency (+100ms) truly makes this one-of-a-kind, you won't find another App like it.

    Keep in mind this is not a Piano Hero or Rock Band game. Basically, it teaches you to play piano by simply showing WHICH keys to press and WHEN, at your own pace and to your liking, much like any old PC software that does this akin to Linthesia and Synthesia . Neat!

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    [~-~ FEATURES ~-~]
    • Virtual Piano with Rolling Notes, Beats and Measures
    • Variable Speed Playback from 30% to 100%
    • Variable Track/Channel Playback
    • Variable Track Colors
    • Variable Instrument Per-Track Playback - choose from 128 instruments
    • Bookmarks
    • A-B Repeat
    • Configurable Piano Roll Options
    • Intuitive 'Quick-Seek' buttons for easier learning (you'll love em'!)
    • Auto-Scans All MIDI Files in Storage with Configurable Exclusions
    • Preloaded with Popular Songs (River Flows in You, Fur Elise, etc.)
    • MIDI File Type 0 and 1 Support
    • .MID & .MIDI File App Association Support
    • !FREE! PC Version - try it before you buy it, download here:

    [~-~ PIANO ROLL OPTIONS ~-~]
    • Show Note Letters
    • Dim Unplayed Note Range
    • Always Show Interface
    • Play Metronome
    • Mute Playback
    • Adjust Quick-Seek Beat Jump Amount

    [~-~ TECHNOLOGY ~-~]
    • Cunning Workaround to Android's High Audio Latency (this is big)
    • MIDI Parser for reading, modifying and writing MIDI files
    • LIBGDX for UI & Graphics

    I developed this over the course of 8 months for my own personal use as I, like many people, cannot read sheet music, BUT can play Piano. I grew weary of lugging my laptop around to Pianos and Keyboards to learn songs and so, MidiRoll was born!

    I am an independent developer in college, your support is greatly appreciated!

    ** I am not superman, but I will do my best to keep the updates and bug fixes rolling in. I have already added a lot of functionality and bug fixes upon request, so suggesting a feature or issue you're having in the comments, on my website or via Email are easy ways to bring them to my attention! **

    [~-~ v3.2 CHANGELOG ~-~]
    Track Select:
    • All MIDI-specific settings are now persisted and stored as preferences: tracks enabled, instruments, colors and playback speed
    • Lowered the minimum playback speed from 30% to **10%**
    • Playback speed label color now varies by the speed selected
    • Brightened the default MIDI track colors to increase contrast against the piano roll background
    MIDI Select:
    • **BUG FIX** Midi specific preference files were being scanned in and listed as a broken MIDI file due to a residual .MIDI extension on the preference file. Fixing this will wipe your previous MIDI bookmarks, but it's fixed for good, very sorry about that :'C

    [~-~ v3.1 CHANGELOG ~-~]
    • Sped up screen transitions
    • Fixed an extremely rare crash during transitions
    Piano Roll:
    • Adjusted keyboard dimensions to be more proportional to that of a real piano
    • Fixed sharps' lit-up key positions
    • Fixed some input confusion wonkiness when panning the keyboard
    • Fixed an Android bug with A-B repeat causing a de-sync if metronome was on

    [~-~ v3.3 FUTURE PLANS ~-~]
    • Key Letters on Falling Notes
    • ??? - Suggest one!

    [~-~ KNOWN ISSUES ~-~]
    • None

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