Moog - The VCA & Other Tools

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    Learn all about, VCAs, Ring Modulation and lots of other advanced synthesis tools in this fifth course from The Foundation Of Synthesis series created exclusively for us by The Bob Moog Foundation...

    Now that you're well versed in the concept of Voltage Control, get ready for some more advanced synthesis techniques. In this course, The Bob Moog Foundation's lead educator Marc Doty explains the Voltage Control Amplifier (VCA), the sideband-rich synthesis called Ring Modulation. He even dives into Noise explaining what it is and how to use it in your sonic experimentations.

    You'll also learn about different VC techniques as he demystifies and demonstrates After Touch, Portamento, Sample and Hold and other alternative control techniques.

    See all these powerful tools and concepts in action and how they are implemented in the minds and hardware of the world's greatest synth designers.

    Bob Moog was an early pioneer and inventor of voltage-controlled analog synthesizers. He revolutionized the music industry and his ideas, inventions and musical instruments have dominated the sound of music for more than 30 years. Aside from being an innovator, Dr. Bob was an outspoken advocate of education. The Bob Moog Foundation, created by his daughter, Michelle Moog-Kousa, continues his legacy with Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, the preservation of his inventions and the development of the Moogseum—the only museum of its kind dedicated to the advancement of sonic education. We hope you will help support the BMF's efforts by watching these courses with the knowledge that a large portion of the proceeds go to support their awesome efforts!

    Table of contents:

    1. The Amp Introduction/CS-15 Amp - Part 1
    2. The CS-15 Amp - Part 2
    3. The CS-15 Amp - Part 3
    4. The CS-50 Ring Modulator - Part 1
    5. The CS-50 Ring Modulator - Part 2
    6. The CS-50 Aftertouch - Part 1
    7. The CS-50 Aftertouch - Part 2
    8. Use of the CS-50 Aftertouch
    9. The Voyager Touch Control Pad - Part 1
    10. The Voyager Touch Control Pad - Part 2
    11. Velocity with the Moog Voyager
    12. The Sustain Control on the CS-50
    13. Portamento
    14. Glissando
    15. Sample and Hold
    16. Polyphony
    17. The ARP 2600 Envelope Follower
    18. Noise

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