MPC 101 Revealed

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    No one knows - or teaches - the legendary MPC like the Atlanta-based Hip Hop producer and MPC power-user Booker Edwards! So hop on the Booker Edwards Express as he demystifies the hardware and software that makes Akai’s MPC Renaissance and Studio the beat-makers of choice for urban producers everywhere...

    Before you can drive this integrated hardware/software machine, you’ve got to know how it works, what makes it fly and what all those mysterious controls do. Think of this course as your map, your gateway into the MPC’s inner world where every feature and function is revealed and explained in exacting detail.

    Booker gives you the best MPC exploration ever created, as he takes you step-by-step through every pad, knob and software function hidden deep inside this complex music production machine. As you complete this collection of tutorials, you get the perspective and confidence you need to take “control” of the MPC’s controls and start pounding out your own experimental, original beats and tracks.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Welcome!
    2. History of the MPC
    3. MPC Renaissance Hardware - Part 1
    4. MPC Renaissance Hardware - Part 2
    5. MPC Studio Hardware - Part 1
    6. MPC Studio Hardware - Part 2
    7. Studio Display - Part 1
    8. Studio Display - Part 2
    9. Renaissance Display
    10. File Browser
    11. Preferences
    12. Main Mode - Part 1
    13. Main Mode - Part 2
    14. Main Mode - Part 3
    15. Creating a Program - Part 1
    16. Creating a Program - Part 2
    17. Creating a Program - Part 3
    18. Creating Programs From Folders
    19. Editing a Program - Part 1
    20. Editing a Program - Part 2
    21. Coda

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