MPH:Music Per Hour

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    Music Per Hour is an automatic, seamless, and practical way to adjust your volume based on your driving speed.

    As you drive faster, ambient and road noise increases. MPH counters this by increasing media volume based on speed calculated using your GPS coordinates. Some cars have this cool feature built in; for those who don't, we bring you Music Per Hour

    MPH also shows the user their current speed while adjusting the volume of their music. All music players are supported.

    NOTE: Development is far from over, especially in the images area. Please do not let the dull graphics turn you away from this app. The UI will get better.

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    If you encounter a problem with our app, please contact us before submitting a bad rating. Support will be readily available and this app will be updated as often as possible. More likely than not, your problem will be resolved quickly and you can go on enjoying our product.