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    Musician's Tool Recorder is an application which allows to record in high quality in wav or mp3 format.
    It's perfect for recording music rehearsals. MT Recorder have a delay timer, it's usefull to differ recording start of a few seconds, just time to be ready. Files are saved on SD Card, which is required for MT Recorder.

    MT Recorder offers many options like :

    1) Recording:
    - Choose recording in mp3 or wav format.
    - Choose sample rate (for wav format) : by default it's 44100 Hz (44 kHz)(CD Quality).
    You can change it, different sample rate are available from 8 kHz (voice quality) to 48 kHz.
    Some smartphone models can be in conflict with some sample rate.
    - Choose bit rate (for mp3 format) : by default it's 160 kbit/s.
    - Choose audio channels number (for wav format) : MONO (by default) or STEREO.
    - Enable dynamic gain control : you can control input audio level dynamically and make your records louder or softer.
    - Delay recording start of a few seconds : by default delay is deactived, you can active it by choosing to differ the recording start of 5, 10 or 15 seconds. For example, you can have enough time to place your hands on your guitar.
    - View record list.
    - Play records.
    - Rename records : if you check this option, you can rename the file at the end of recording.
    - Delete records
    - Background records : even if phone is lock or if the application is running in background because you start another app for example, the recording continue and a notification allows you to return on MT Recorder Lite.
    - Send records by mail

    2) Interface :
    - Keep screen on while recording
    - Choose the screen orientation (automatic, portrait or landscape)
    - Mute ringtone and vibration when receiving a call and continue recording :
    - by default, the recording is stopped when you receive a call.
    - if you check this option, when you receive a call, ringtone and/or vibration are stopped and your recording continue without interference. If you pick up the phone call, the recording stops.

    For an example of recording quality, please follow this link : Sample rate of both records is 22 kHz, MONO channel.

    Please, take a few seconds for rating MT Recorder, and leaving your opinion. You can follow news about MT Recorder on facebook ( and on
    For any question, feedback or suggest please contact me at: or leave a comment on my blog. If you have a technical problem, please indicate me your phone brand, model and Android version.

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