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    Music age is a new music player which has new functions. It is powerful and free so that you can get good music enjoyment.

    Its key features are as following:

    1. It can classify songs according to their singers or albums.

    2. It can record audio such as your voice.

    3. It is a songs editor which can let you edit one song.

    4. It allows you to add your songs to the PLAYLIST in LOCAL.

    5. It supports that you can join the playing music in LIKE.

    6. It can appear the lyric on the playing page.

    7. It can play songs as background music.

    The detailed information of this player:

    1. The ALBUM and Artist can search the songs in your mobile phone automatically. You can see them when you open them.

    2. In the LOCAL you can see the songs in your mobile phone. You can choose them and then touch the ADD button to add them in the PLAYLIST.

    3. You just touch one song and then it will be played automatically. In the record, you can record any audio. In edit, you can edit any song you want to edit.

    4. When one song is being played, you can pause or continue it or enjoy the last or next song directly. You can set the play mode at the left bottom.

    5. In the right bottom, there is a button which will let you go the playlist directly.

    6. When this player is playing, you can do other things on your mobile phone; It means that you can use it as a background music player.

    7. When you enjoy a song, you will like to see the lyric. This player has the ability to show the lyric on the playing page.

    8. If you want to delete one song, you just touch that for a little longer moment. Then a menu will appearing before you. You can delete it now.

    Music Age is a new music player in the android market. It has so many functions which must let you get the best enjoyment of music. It supports that you can create your own music playlist. It can show the lyric before you and if you like the playing song very much, you can add it in the LIKE directly.

    Music Age is a free music player for android. You can use it without paying any money. This player can still play songs when you exit it. It can be used as a background music player.

    Music Age is a good songs player which has brief use interface. All its functions are designed delicately to let this player to be the best player.

    You will love this player as long as you use it one time.