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    Make money from your music! This course teaches you about the different “Income Streams” that’ll transform your inspiration into capitalization!

    Yes, the music business is complicated, and that’s why so many musicians are unsuspectedly ripped off by the savvy executives that control the industry. But thankfully there’s a remedy. It’s called education! Because even though your music rights are protected by federal law, it’s up to you to understand the law and the different ways you can monetize your music to take advantage of those federal rights!

    In this second course in our Music Business series, Dr. Paul Bissell teaches us about the financial firepower waiting to be unleashed by simply knowing about Mechanical Royalties and Licensing. You’ll understand the all important facts and implications of getting a royalty deal or getting a flat fee for your hard work! You’ll learn about the Four Income Streams and how they are collected and divided between between the artist, composer and publisher.

    From there Dr. Paul plows into the power of publishing. He explains the differences between being your own publisher and/or landing a publishing deal so you can decide what path works best for you. Next you learn about Advance and Recoupment and all the different kinds of royalty deals that can be constructed in this crazy business!

    So whether you’re a songwriter, recording artist, game music composer, film composer or even a bandmate, this course will help you make better deals to ensure that the music you create (or collaborate on) will reward you and your family with royalty income for years to come!

    ... and be sure check out all of our growing library of courses designed to help you get ahead in the music business!

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Royalty vs. Fee
    3. The Four Streams
    4. Income Performance and Sync
    5. Print Publication & Sheet Music
    6. Other Variations and Grand Rights
    7. Writer, Publisher & Artist
    8. Blurring the Lines
    9. Band Publishing
    10. Ownership Administration
    11. Back to Mechanicals
    12. Mechanical Negotiation
    13. The Harry Fox Agency
    14. Co-Publishing
    15. Sub-Publishing
    16. Third Party Publishers
    17. The Advance
    18. Recoupment at 50-50
    19. 80-20 Recoupment Scenario
    20. Who Pays?
    21. The Controlled Composition Clause
    22. CCC and Third Parties
    23. The 360 Deal
    24. Cross Collateralization
    25. Cross with 360 Deal

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