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    Musical Instrument Tuner is a chromatic tuner for tuning all types of musical instrument, for example pianos and guitars.

    Put the tuner near the instrument, play a note, and see what it is. The tuner shows the note (eg F#), the frequency (eg 362.4Hz) the octave (A in octave 4 is 440Hz) and the tuning error in percent. (The error is the percentage towards the next semi-tone, up or down, ie +25% would be exactly 1/4 of the way towards the next higher semi-tone).

    As well as giving you the precise tuning ('concert pitch'), the tuner can also be set to tune slightly 'off pitch' for instruments that for one reason or another cannot be brought right to 'concert pitch'.

    Say you are tuning a piano and it is well out of tune. You might not be able to adjust it to concert pitch in one pass. So, you can tune one note as close as you can get it, tell the tuner to treat that as the 'reference note', then tune all other notes to that.

    The tuner can be used registered or unregistered. If unregistered, the only restriction is that the precise tuning error (how far from the current note) stops displaying after 30 seconds - although stopping and starting the tuner will restore it.

    NOTE - how well this works depends largely on the quality of the signal input, ie the microphone or other form of signal capture on your device and how pure it is (no extraneous signals)!

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