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    Your best-loved musicals are now online. Revel in your favorite Broadway musical or your cherished Hollywood soundtracks or musical.

    “This is absolutely wonderful! I’ve been waiting for someone to play my favorite musicals online. Now that the musicals are here, I’m going to enjoy my favorite songs and characters everyday, morning, noon and night!” – Riku N.

    “Wished that your favorite Broadway musicals were available online? Do you so badly wish to watch a musical but are unable to?

    The magic of theater
    Everyone should at least, once in their life, witness a live theater performance. Better yet, to watch live musicals and experience the magic of theater. Nothing compares to watching a live theater musical, to be transported to a different land and time, to see performers’ expressions up-close and feel the tension, excitement and exhilaration as the story unfolds.

    The theater buff will surely love these musicals, the bigger-than-life characters and enchanting songs. For newbies, be prepared to get hooked on the bewitching songs!

    Who sang that song again?
    Musicals have your most loved Broadway songs and Hollywood musicals. Musicals have a few West End musicals too! Musicals have your difficult-to-find old Broadway performances and not-often played songs.

    There are performances by the original artists and newer versions or remakes. You just won’t run out of musicals to love. Musicals is a grand listening experience.

    Broadway or cinema?
    Broadway goers will recognize Angela Lansbury in her prime as Mame and relive the experience as she sings ‘We Need a Little Christmas’ and Liza Minnelli will belt her signature song, ‘Cabaret’. Matthew Broderick will warn you of ‘Ya Got Trouble’ in Music Man.

    Do you miss characters from your favorite musicals? Dolly is in town and you could hear her sing; or rather the two versions of Dolly. There’s Dolly as performed by Carol Channing in Broadway and Dolly as played by the incomparable Barbra Streisand in the Hollywood version of ‘Hello Dolly!’

    Nobody plays the King as well as Yul Brynner, whether in the Broadway or in the Hollywood version of ‘The King and I’. Revel in his performance in musicals.

    If you’re not so acquainted with Broadway musicals and prefer Hollywood musicals, well don’t worry as we have that covered too. Listen to from ‘Fiddler on the Roof’ and ‘Hairspray’. And for the very young audience, musicals has ‘The Little Mermaid’, ‘Addams Family’.

    Listen to the Broadway version of ‘Camelot’ and you will hear a few songs not included in the Hollywood version of ‘Camelot’. You will agree too that Julie Andrews shines as Queen Guinevere in the Broadway version.

    You’ll get to fall all over again for the adorable Oliver and his friend the Artful Dodger and be enticed by the hard-to-hate-for-long, Fagin in ‘Oliver!’

    Listen to musicals and be transported to the magical world of theater musicals.

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