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    MY Music Time (Songs Player)

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    Music is good to your health because it can bring you a good time. When you have leisure time, you can enjoy the music you like with your mobile phone.

    Therefore, you need a good music player. MY Music Time is a free music player which is used on android mobile phone. It is powerful and functional. You will like after you know its functions.

    The main functions of this music player:

    1. This player can support many different music formats such as mp3, wav and so on.

    2. This player can show lyrics on the playing page.

    3. This player can show the audio frequency graph when you enjoy a song.

    4. This player is a sound recorder which can let you record any sound.

    5. In this meantime, this player is also a sound editor.

    You should know more detailed information of this player:

    1. When you open this player, it can classify all the songs on the basic of their albums and artists. You need not classify them manually.

    2. In LOCAL, you can find all the audio in your mobile phone. You can choose the ones you like and then add them to the playlist. You just touch the one you like in playlist and then it will be played automatically.

    3. In the playing page, you will see the lyrics of the playing song. This is a good function which will let you get better music enjoyment. In the meantime, you will see the audio frequency graph above the lyrics.

    4. I have said that this player can record sound. You can open the record page and then touch the START button to record sound. The STOP button can stop the record. Don’t forget to save it.

    5. After you record the sound, you may want o edit it. This music player can help you do it. You can edit any sound in the editor page. You can cut part of one song and make it as your ringtone.

    6. This player can be used as a background music player. You can do other thing on your mobile phone when you are enjoying a song. If you want to exit the player, you need click the EXIT button.

    MY Music Time is a free android music player which can give you a time of music which belongs to you. You can use it to enjoy different kinds of music. If you want to record your voice or other sounds, you can use this player.

    MY Music Time is a free music editor. You can use it to cut part of one song and then edit it as your will. I know that you will like to use this function.

    MY Music Time is a good mp3 player because it can play mp3 songs. You can use it to create a playlist which includes all the songs you like. The lyrics and audio frequency will let you get the best music enjoyment.

    Now you can use this player to enjoy your music time.