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    About the Rahu Enchanter Application:
    The application comes with a soothing audio clip of the Navagraha - Rahu mantra that is pronounced exactly the way the Vedic Rishis have suggested it to be done. You would be able to pronounce the mantra exactly without any mistakes, just as a learned Indic or Vedic scholar would.
    The repetition is traditionally done in a set of 'number presets' (usually 18000 times for North Node God) that is usually thought to invoke the right amount of energy sustainable by the human mind. The application comes with these preset numbers that can be selected depending on how much time you have to spend during each session. Once you choose a preset number, you can either repeat the mantra that many times, or for those many minutes. Hitting the back button exits the application, but remembers how many times you have repeated the mantra. Each time you start the application you can choose to either resume your last session or start a new counting session altogether. You may reset the counter to zero via the menu option too.

    Mantras are systematic group of Aksharas (letters) forming structure similar to a phrase that are connected with one another in such a way that when they are repeated multiple times (chanted), a peculiar sensation or vibration is generated in the entire physical system. When one chants a mantra without any mistakes, systematically with proper intonation, it immediately sets up a vibration in the nervous system in a manner that harmony, energy, balance, etc are enhanced in the body and also in the surroundings. Different mantras produce different vibrations resulting in a different form of positive effect.

    Mantra is chanted to execute a certain purpose. It is believed that in the brain, the energy of a particular form remains latent, but it becomes active the moment the mantra is pronounced repeatedly and accurately in the manner prescribed by the Mantra science. According to Vedic beliefs, if a mantra is pronounced correctly, the deity to whom it is addressed has no choice but to respond to the invoker automatically and help him.

    There are several mantras and remedies to help elevate one's energy levels, vitality, harmony with other beings, magnetism and attraction, etc, as prescribed in the various scriptures. We are giving the most effective ones that can be used in our day-to-day life, as the relevant potent mantras.

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