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    Native Instruments' Guitar Rig isn't just for guitars. It's an amazingly versatile plugin "rig" that can be used on just about any track from vocals to mastering. Join Music Software Expert Mo Volans as he shows you the amazing new collection of studio quality Effect Processors that come with Guitar Rig 5 Pro...

    From lush reverbs and delays to massive Distortion, Overdrives and Filters, Guitar Rig 5 Pro has got it all! In this 31-video tutorial, macProVideo Lead Trainer Mo Volans takes you on a journey through Native Instruments' amazing collection of meticulously crafted effects and studio processors.

    Guitar Rig is super versatile and can be used on pretty much any track in your project: vocals, synth, bass, stereo bus, anything! Master Mo kicks it off by showing you NI's Solid EQ and Solid Bus Compressor. This is where you'll learn how to use parallel compression in your mix and how to use the Solid Bus Compressor in your mastering session. From there you'll see how Mo uses compression on vocals to make 'em smooth as silk.

    Don't miss Mo's master class on how Guitar Rig can be employed for Beat slicing and mashing! He then unveils the amazingly flexible Reflektor Reverb and shows you how to use LFOs to create dizzying Auto-Wah effects.

    Is there anything Guitar Rig can't do? We don't think so! If you've been looking to spice up your productions using some of the best FX processors in the world, you've come to the right tutorial. Let Expert Mo Volans show you how to use NI's Guitar Rig take your music to new sonic heights!

    Table of contents:

    1. Guitar Rig In Your DAW
    2. The Studio Processor Concept
    3. What You'll Need To Follow Along
    4. The Solid Mix Series Range
    5. The Solid EQ In Action
    6. Applying Solid Dynamics
    7. The Solid Bus Comp
    8. Parallel Compression and Side-Chaining
    9. The Solid Bus Compressor For Mastering
    10. The Vintage Compressors
    11. Slamming with VC76
    12. Smoothing Vocals with the VC2A
    13. Adding Character With The VC160
    14. Introducing Traktor's 12
    15. Filters And Distortions
    16. Reverb And Delay
    17. Stretchers And Gates
    18. The Beat Slicer And Masher
    19. The Transient Master
    20. The Reflektor Reverb
    21. Guitar Processors As Production Effects
    22. Distortions, Overdrives And Beyond
    23. Modulation Heaven
    24. Delays, Reverbs, Filters And EQ
    25. What Are The Modifiers?
    26. Using The LFO For Auto-Wah effects
    27. The Envelope
    28. The Analog and Step Sequencers
    29. The Input Level Modifier
    30. Using Containers
    31. Splitters, Crossovers and The Final Mix

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