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    Take the enchanting journey to the Never-Lost-Land of adored music.

    Would you like to travel to the days of parties and discotheque?

    Tune in to our internet radio and let our top songs sheathe you and warm you with an old lover’s embrace. Dive into the exciting 80’s, the rhythmic 90’s and remember the way you shook your body in your favorite disco every Saturday night.

    “At last, I found a station playing songs I love and can relate to” – Henning W.

    If a careless whisper caresses your ears, just listen.
    • Enjoy the excitement of the most beloved and sung tunes.
    • Always carry an umbrella with you, because here comes the rain again.

    Go back to your early years of fun with no care in the world.
    • Remember strolling in your car with the speakers pulsing to the loud beats.
    • Dance once again on the ceiling and beat it when the going gets tough.

    The decades of 80’s and 90’s are marked as the golden times of modern music. Extremely high-quality performers of every music genre, such as Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross, The Queen and others deposited some of their finest music those years. Discos were flooded with youth hungry for dancing, flirting and having pure musical fun. Themed music videos accompanied the songs and everybody watched the tv music shows with religious devotion. The lyrics of the songs were ever-more-popular, narrating stories of everlasting, heartbreaking love and everybody knew them by heart. And there was dancing. Rap, disco, new age, rock, they all had their style and form of dancing.

    People who experienced this period still reminisce the charm of these days and younger generations wish they were there. Our free internet radio provides a major variety of the exquisite songs that made history. You can listen to top music online and free. We will educate you on love songs that made couples fall madly in love over the dance floor. Twenty four hours a day, this station is yours.

    Listen to us. Can’t miss.

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