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    Bitcaster “Onda Satelital fm” begins broadcasting on February 25th, 2006 as a contribution to our Ecuadorian community around the world which for various reasons decided to migrate to different places of the planet. Therefore, “Onda Satelital fm” offers a wide programming of Ecuadorian music so that our fellow Ecuadorians can enjoy music 24 hours a day.

    Starting from November 1, 2013 Onda FM Satelital transfer the rights to broadcast its programming to EcuadorCyberradio. This new media of communication shall be responsible for continuing the legacy of Onda Satelital FM .

    Thus was born a new medium that supports the entire Ecuadorian talent.

    “EcuadorCyberradio” was born as a nonprofit organization with the intention of becoming part of that Ecuadorian community that every day is forging a better future. We expect our Radio will help to remember and preserve our traditions.

    Edwin Patiño


    "We are a nonprofit communicative medium"

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