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    Summary of Pentatonic Master
    When practicing to play ROCK guitar solos, BLUES phrases, or JAZZY passages like Jimi Hendrix played, you will need musical theories and many scales as follows.
    BLUE NOTE (5th)
    CHORD (16 pattern)
    MODE (7 pattern)

    These theories are difficult to understand, and hard to memorize.
    Pentatonic Master solve these problems, and gives all guitar players a FINAL SOLUTION.

    February, 2013
    Major Version Up!
    1 Octave Guitar Sounds Set

    How to Use
    You can select minor pentatonic, blue note, major pentatonic, chord tone, and mode by touching ON/OFF button on the screen.

    Know and Learn
    You can see all these scales at the SAME TIME to compare with others.
    Appearance is designed to know and learn how many intervals are there from root.

    Option Button
    You can change the pentatonic root, mode root, mode type, chord root, and chord type any time particularly, by using hardware option key.

    Hint to understand Pentatonic
    1. All indicators off.
    2. Select E Ionian mode(this is E Major scale).
    3. See 6th string.
    4. Select E minor pentatonic.
    5. See 6th string carefully.
    6. Compare these scales.

    Pentatonic is "Outlaw scale". For example, when backing chord is E major , you can use E minor pentatonic, not E major Pentatonic. This is ROCK, this is Blues. And you can add 5th, it may make your phrase more bruisely.

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