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    This is the unlocker application for Picus Audio Player Lite application. Please make sure to install latest Picus Audio Player Lite[Trial] version application. The unlocker application removes limitations of the Trial version.

    *** SALE, US$ 1.95***

    ** Added Support for Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) **
    ** Added French Language Support **

    Picus Audio Player is a versatile music player for Android devices, bundled with rich features for managing music on Android (2.1 and above) devices. This coupled with high quality audio effects, allows for excellent listening experience.
    Supported Audio Formats:
    MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP, WAV (All sub WAV formats), APE, FLAC, and OGG.
    Audio Effects –
    All audio effects are supported on all Android (2.1 and above) devices.
    • 9 band graphic equalizer (Graphic EQ) with several default presets (Jazz, Rock, Classic, and Pop) and unlimited custom presets (with option to Save, Remove), with a true spectral response.
    • Advanced bass boost and treble with true spectral response
    • Reverberation effects to simulate different environments such as auditorium, lecture hall, concert hall, dance hall, class room environments
    • Stereo widening or Spatializer
    • Cross fading for smooth transition to next track.
    • Gapless playback with silence trimmer (Rear and Front) for uninterrupted playback
    • Real time Spectrum Analyzer with bands spaced at 1 / 2.4 octaves .
    Audio Bookmark – Picus Audio Player allows unlimited audio bookmarks per music track along with viewing and removing bookmarks as per their bookmark time.
    Now Playing List: Easy access to what is currently being played in the queue
    Folder Browsing support: Supports Folder mode to play tracks organized in folders.
    Default Playlists – Multilevel playlists sorted by Artist, by Album and by Genre of music tracks. Playlists can be sorted as in A-Z and Z-A order. Also Recently Added and Recently Played playlists for quick access to latest music files.
    Custom Favorite lists – Unlimited custom playlists by adding and removing music tracks to a favorite list. With a single click, allows adding to your favorites list your currently active track.
    Manage Favorite Lists: Allows convenient management of favorite lists
    Import playlist: Can import playlist from default music player
    Media scanner – Picus Audio Player provides its own media scanner to update track list for newly added or removed tracks.
    Playback Modes – Shuffle, Repeat One, Repeat playlist, Normal
    Resume – Picus player stores information for last track played and resumes from same position where playback was stopped.
    Seeking – Picus Player supports seeking at various seek speed like 2x, 4x, 6x and 8x.
    Track Information – Picus Player provides advanced track details like duration, codec, bit rate, sample rate, channels, etc…
    Swipe gestures – User can change track using Swipe left or right on album art.
    Bluetooth Headset controllable and headset support

    Please email your feedback, review comments to us at If you encounter an issue or have feature requests, please contact us. We are unable to respond to comments on google market. We are striving to constantly update the player with new features, while ensuring a stable, quality music listening experience, with low battery consumption.
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