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    Published: 2014-01-09, by Janel.

    Streaming live mashup of ambient music and police scanner radio

    • Genuinely unique background music
    • Seamless, high quality streaming
    • Decent selection of various major cities included
    • Not to everyone's taste
    • Requires a wifi connection

    "Unexpectedly placid mashup groove"

    The popular website offers streaming radio that overlays relaxing, ambient music with police scanner radio according to city, in a sense giving you the "vibe" of different locations around the world. It's a bizarre proposal, one that seems almost ridiculous until you try it out - do so right from your mobile device using Great Bytes Software's Player for UAL2.

    The interface is simple: choose from a number of different large cities (the majority in the United States) to pull up a stream of police scanner radio from there, along with seamlessly running ambient tunes from SoundCloud. There's naught to do but let it run; either sit back and listen, or just let it play in the background of whatever else you're up to. After a few minutes, you'll either get it or you won't - but if you do, you'll find there's something incredibly soothing about the melding of crackling radio and soft tones.

    There's really no good way to describe it via text; it's the sort of experience you need to have for yourself to determine whether or not it's for you.

    There aren't any bells and whistles here, just the essentials - play and pause as you please, adjust volume, and change stations between cities. You can also skip forward and backward through the SoundCloud tracks if you like.

    Since you'll be streaming data, I recommend finding a wifi connection to use this app for any length of time.

    If you're interested at all in relaxing background music, whether to create a calming or productive atmosphere, definitely check out the wholly unique Great Bytes Software's Player for UAL2. You might just love it.

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    by Janel , Appszoom

    Jan 09, 2014


    "Player for UAL2" is a native Android app for is a mashup of ambient, relaxing music and police scanner radio, which lets you feel the "vibe" of a city. The app aims to offer this experience on your mobile device using a beautiful, minimalistic user interface.

    * SEAMLESS SWITCHING: Police scanner broadcasts and SounCloud-tracks can be changed independently of each other
    * FULL VOLUME CONTROL: You can adjust the volume of the music and the police scanner individually
    * NOTIFICATION BAR INTEGRATION: If playing in the background, the app can be controlled through notification bar toggles
    * OFFLINE MODE (coming soon): An upcoming version will allow you to listen to your favorite city offline!

    - Los Angeles
    - New York
    - Chicago
    - Montréal
    - San Francisco
    - Boston
    - San Diego
    - Philadelphia
    - Atlanta
    - Detroit
    - Houston
    - Minneapolis
    - Portland
    - Austin
    - Baltimore
    - Denver
    - Phoenix

    This app is neither endorsed nor affiliated with All credit for the original creation and maintainence of goes to The music is provided by independent artists on SoundCloud, the police radio streams are provided by

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