Pocket BGM Player

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    This appli is background music player to playback music and video files stored in the device.
    You can easily continuous playback, looping playback, shuffling playback and search playback, cutting playback.

    Please enjoy your favorite music with "Pocket BGM Player".

    * There is the manual of English version.

    [ Requirement ]
    OS: Android version 2.3.1 or higher
    Resolution: 480 x 800pix or higher

    Support file format: m4v, m4a, mp4, mp3, 3g2, 3gp, mid, midi, ogg, wav, aac
    * Even file formats that support , the codec used to compress the file may not play.

    [Access Permission]
    Control of the hardware
    audio recording
    *Reason: Required for visualizer feature

    [ How to Use ]
    < Playback Panel >

    1. tap on "Select file" button. open "Open Panel"

    < Open Panel >
    "back" button --- back to "Playback Panel".
    "open directory" button --- select multiple files under displayed directory.
    "shuffle" check box --- if shuffle check box "on" before press "open directory" button, musics are shuffled and playbacked continuously.
    "search string" check box --- search string playback
    "or / and" button --- select OR search and AND search
    "search string" input box --- input search strings (example) beatles journey GAGA (or search), beatles love (and search)
    "up" button --- move to upper directory.
    "directory path" --- displayed path name of selecting current directory.
    "directories & files --- displayed file name and directory(folder) name of selecting current directory.
    * text of magenta color shows that is directory. text of black color shows that is file.

    2. move to the directory(folder) of music files exist.

    3. case: tap file name button(text color is black), then back to "Playback MusicPanel" and start to playback selected file automatically.
    case: tap "open directory" button, then back to "Playback Music Panel" automatically,search music file of the selected directory and start to continuous playback.

    < Playback Panel >
    "Title": tap --- hide/display list
    "Select File": tap --- open "Open Panel"
    "Settings: tap --- open "Settings Panel"
    "Settings: long tap -- open "Sound Settings Panel"
    "Start/Stop BGM: tap --- Start: start BGM, Stop: stop bgm and exit appli

    "previous", "next": long tap --- skip to previous or next directory, then start to playback the first file of directory

    < Settings Panel >

    Home Directory --- set the home directory of software startup. (example) /sdcard/Movie/ or /sdcard/Movie

    Sound Settings --- displayed equalizer

    Logo Flashing Color Settings --- change logo flashing color, shadow color

    List Divider Settings --- change list divider color and thickness

    Visualizer Settings --- change visualizer type and color

    Album/Music Image --- enabled to change album/music image

    Forward / Rewind Time Settings --- change fast-forward/fast-rewind time

    Playback Mode --- change playback mode.
    Normal: normal playback
    Cutting(Time): set playback range by time(second)
    Cutting(Percent): set playback range by percent(%)

    Fade-out: choose whether fade-out or not on Cutting Playback Mode

    Cutting Playback Time Settings --- set start/end time

    Cutting Playback Percent Settings --- set start/end percent

    Credit --- reference of credit

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