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    Christmas pop songs to put some pop and wow into your holidays. Your favorite top 40 artists liven the holiday season with their version of Christmas songs.

    “They’re all here, my favorite top 40 artists! There are so much new Christmas songs to learn and to sing. It’s a very lively Christmas with these Christmas pop tunes.” –Matt H.

    Want some new Christmas songs to sing? Old Christmas songs not for you? Do you prefer more modern and upbeat songs, just like your much-loved top 40 songs?

    Make new memories
    Make new memories this Christmas by learning and singing new Christmas pop songs. Let your favorite top 40 artists teach you their Christmas pop songs. Let your Christmas take on a new rhythm, beat and soul as pop artists give their personal views through their music.

    Put those sad Christmas memories of the past away and make new, more meaningful and joyful Christmas pop songs from this time onwards.

    New songs, new hope
    Don’t let the green monster Mr. Grinch steal your Christmas. Music has the power to lift and strengthen you and so let these new Christmas pop songs give you new hope. Let these Christmas pop songs push the dark memories away and let it light the days ahead.

    Maroon 5 sings powerfully and gives a strong message in ‘Happy Xmas (War is Over)’ and Monica lends resolve as she sings ‘Grown up Christmas List’ and Ruff Endz makes you smile with ‘Christmas with You’.

    Top 40
    Your favorite top 40 artists are all here to make new Christmas memories with you. New Edition, Mindless Behavior and One Republic sing of the wonderful time of spending Christmas with your loved one. Chris Brown, NSync and Ashanti talk of the new life and hope this Christmas.

    And though there are a few old Christmas songs, your favorite top 40 artists put their own spin to make them Christmas pop songs. Take Nicolas Jonas’ version of ‘Joy to the World (A Christmas Prayer)’ and Cascada’s ‘Winter Wonderland’ or powerful Christina Aguilera’s ‘Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas’. You’ll have a hard time recognizing these songs as Christmas classics.

    Rockin’ Christmas
    It’s going to be a rocking Christmas for you with these Christmas pop songs. No melancholy songs, no pining or sad tunes of lost. Christmas pop songs are songs of life and optimism, of anticipation and friendship. En Vogue rocks you with their version of ‘Jingle Bells’ and the iconic Mary J. Blige makes you look forward to tomorrow with ‘Someday at Christmas’.

    Teen heartthrob Justin Beiber serenades you with his ‘Only Thing I Ever Got for Christmas’ and the good boys of NSync will keep on greeting you ‘Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays’ until you smile.

    Let your Christmas rock and make new and merrier memories this year with these Christmas pop songs.

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