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    Pro Music Player is the best music player in the android market. Its function is so powerful that you will love it as long as you use it one time.

    The key functions of this music player:

    1. This player can let you enjoy most songs of different formats.

    2. It can classify the songs according to their albums and artists.

    3. This player can show the lyric of playing song and its audio frequency.

    4. It supports that you can use it to record sounds.

    5. In the meanwhile, it is a audio editor which can let you edit any sounds including songs.

    6. This player can be used as a background music player.

    The detailed information you should know:

    1. This player will distinguish songs based on their albums and artists automatically. If you like one singer’s songs very much, you can find that singer and then enjoy all his songs in your mobile phone.

    2. You need add the songs in your mobile phone to the playlist. If you want to enjoy one song, you just touch it. Then it will be played in the playing page.

    3. The playing page can show you the lyrics of the current song. In addition, the audio frequency of the current will show you above the lyric in a circle.

    4. You know that this player can record audio. Now let me tell you how it works. You need enter the recording page. In this page there are start and stop buttons. The two buttons will let you record audio.

    5. This player is also a song editor which will let you edit songs and any audio. You know that you can use this editor edits the songs in your mobile phone as your ringtone.

    6. This is a background music player so that you can do other things on your mobile phone when you are enjoying a song.

    Pro Music Player is a new version. Its user interface is much fresher and it has more functions. You can add the playing song in the LIKE so that you will have a playlist of your favorite songs. In addition, this player can display the lyrics and audio frequency to you, so that you can get better song enjoyment.

    Pro Music Player is a free mp3 player that it can support mp3 songs. In addition, it can let you enjoy other format songs and audio. This is a player on your mobile phone, so that you can have portable music player. You can use enjoy music whenever and wherever.

    Pro Music Player has the functions of record and editing so that you need not buy a real record or editor. In this player, you can record the audio and edit the songs as you like. You can use it to create your own songs.

    Pro Music Player is a functional music player which can let you enjoy music to your heart’s content.

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