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    There's a saying in the movie business - "Video is 2/3 audio" ... that's why Hollywood loves Pro Tools!

    When an audience watches a movie, they pay more attention to the sound than they do to the actual picture because the sound of a movie carries all of the emotional content, as well as the main source of information, via dialog. In your own productions, you can have poorly filmed video with dodgy contrast or saturation, but if your audio clips into distortion or has wildly fluctuating levels, viewer's will walk away.

    Thankfully, we have a master of Video Post Production as a trainer at - Bill Burgess! In this Level 2 Pro Tools Tutorial, Bill walks you through everything you need to know to efficiently use Pro Tools to make excellent soundtracks for your videos.

    This tutorial is a classic example of "edutainment." Bill brings a level of humor to his presentation that will keep you watching - and laughing - through the entire show. With a ton of time-won tips and tricks on offer, it's obvious Bill's walked-the-walk of a video post editor. You'll learn how to repair sound, expedite edits, and do complex dialog replacement ... by the time you're finished this tutorial, no video post job will seem too demanding.

    This is a comprehensive tutorial, but you don't need to watch the entire show. Use the detailed menus and keyword search functions to quickly find topics of interest. To see a full list of this tutorial's topics, visit the Table of Contents.

    Table of Contents:

    01. Dialog, Music & Effects
    02. Overview of Audio Post Production
    03. Sample Rate, Bit Depth & The Importance of Broadcas...
    04. Build an Audio Post Template
    05. Use Bussing To Control VO, Dialog, Music & FX
    06. Use Sends To Add Depth & Realism
    07. Optimize Your Session With Colors & Labels
    08. Pro Tools Configurations & Making Yours Do The Job
    09. 3 Ways To Import Video
    10. Troubleshooting Video Import Using QuickTime Pro & ...
    11. Double Checking Video Frame Rates
    12. Manage Video Tracks & Windows
    13. Optimize Video Performance
    14. Zoom Using Key Commands
    15. The Smart And Only Tool
    16. The Quick Way to Cut, Copy, Paste & Heal
    17. Creating Fades Using Key Commands
    18. Nudge & Move Using Key Commands
    19. Advanced Zooming Techniques
    20. Advanced Selection & Move Techniques
    21. Re-Syncing Sound To Picture
    22. Rebuilding Production Sound Using Source Material
    23. Using Shuffle Edits To Remove Unwanted Audio
    24. Editing Techniques For Repairing Clicks & Dropout
    25. Using Region Based EQ To Repair Pops & Distortion
    26. Overcoming Ambient Noise Problems
    27. Recording Voice Over
    28. Sweetening Voice Over
    29. Voice Over Editing Basics
    30. Script Changes & Pick Up Lines
    31. Using The TCE To Fit To Picture
    32. Working With Room Tone
    33. Foreign Language Lip Sync
    34. What The ____ Is ADR
    35. ADR Loop Recording & Playlist Track Comping
    36. The Project Browser
    37. The Workspace Browser
    38. Importing OMF & AAF Files
    39. Relinking Missing Files
    40. Editing Techniques For Sound FX Creation
    41. Region Groups
    42. Region Sync Points
    43. Working In Spot Mode
    44. Elastic Audio
    45. Editing Pitch & Time With Warp Markers
    46. Changing Elastic Settings & Rendering
    47. Versioning Music With Shuffle Mode
    48. Advanced Music Editing Techniques
    49. Refining Music Edits
    50. Using Markers & Sync Points
    51. Editing Music With Elastic Audio
    52. Preparing To Mix
    53. Understanding Side Chain Compression
    54. Create A Side Chain Compressor For Dialog
    55. Creating Music & Effects Stems
    56. Window Burns & Time Stamping
    57. Consolidating For Delivery
    58. Exporting to QuickTime

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