Pro Tools 10 - Recording Audio

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    Pro Tools 10 - Recording Audio

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    Master the art of recording audio in these AVID Learning Partner tutorial-videos by one of’s lead trainers, Scott Freiman...

    Now that you know how Pro Tools works, it’s time to learn how to use it! So let’s begin by Exploring The Workspace. In this collection of AVID Learning Partner tutorial-videos you’ll learn all about the Pro Tools user interface, the tools and everything else you need to start making music in Pro Tools 10. Bill then takes you on a tour of the main windows, Edit and Mix, where you’ll master Clips, Record and Playback controls, Shortcuts, Signal Routing, Track Lists and Mix Groups. Then you’ll study the customizable Transport, learn about Timescales and Rulers and create some custom views.

    Now it's time to set up a session. In this section the entertaining “Mr. Bill” begins by setting up Session Templates and Parameters. He shows you how to use the different track types and how to name them. In the last section you'll learn how to control the Playback Cursor, the Edit Cursor and all the different Scrolling Options.

    Whether you're studying for AVID Certification or simply brushing up on your Pro Tools 10 skills, this Exploring The Workplace course is designed to get you started on the right track!

    Check out all of’s AVID Learning Partner Pro Tools 10 tutorials and our ever expanding collection of advanced Pro Tools tutorials by Grammy Award-winning engineers, industry pros and AVID Certified Pro Tools instructors.

    Table of Contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Preparing to Record
    3. Setting the Tempo
    4. Click Tracks
    5. More About Click Tracks
    6. Recording a Track
    7. Looking at Clips
    8. Copying and Looping Clips
    9. Disk Allocation
    10. Review
    11. More About Tracks
    12. Transport Mode
    13. Punching In
    14. Quick Punch
    15. Track Punch
    16. Destructive Recording
    17. Review
    18. Loop Recording
    19. Playlists
    20. More About Playlists
    21. Playlists on Multiple Tracks
    22. Playlist View
    23. A Quick Note About Shortcuts
    24. Review
    25. Supported Audio File Formats
    26. Importing Audio
    27. Import Audio Dialog
    28. Importing Audio from CD
    29. Importing REX Files
    30. Importing Video
    31. Review
    32. Audio File Size
    33. Exporting Audio
    34. Bouncing Audio
    35. Bouncing an MP3
    36. Posting Audio to SoundCloud
    37. Bouncing a Quicktime Video
    38. Review.
    39. Thanks for Watching!

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