Pro Tools 402 - Mixing Pop

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    Pro Tools 402 - Mixing Pop

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    Have you heard Sarah McLachlan's music? Then you've heard Chris Potter's skills—he's Sarah McLachlan's Engineer!

    In this 4-hour tutorial by Sarah McLachlan's Lead Engineer Chris Potter, you'll learn how pop music is mixed to get that Big, Pro Sound. In this tutorials Chris reveals the secrets he uses to make Sarah's chart-topping hits sound as amazing as they do.

    Chris starts with the basics such as arranging the tracks for a logical mixing progression, including creating Mix groups with Busses, Aux Inputs, and Effects Returns. Once your set up and ready to mix, Chris next walks you through the process of checking phase before getting into a detailed section on mixing drum kits to make them cut through the other elements of the song.

    After tightening up the drums, Chris moves on to show you how to mix in the Bass, Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, and also Keyboards. You'll learn deep secrets about mixing instruments that until now were only available to people who spent years apprenticing in a pro recording studio!

    If your song has vocals, you will devour the next section of this tutorial as Chris walks you through the process of mixing Pop vocals. You'll learn about De-Essing a vocal, Compression, and adding the correct Effects to create a signature Pop sound. Next you'll move on to do a background vocal treatment that perfectly compliments the lead vocals in the song. For this information alone the tutorial is worth watching ...

    The tutorial concludes with a detailed section on outputting your mix including bouncing techniques, alternative mixes, backing up your session, and even preparing the mix to hand it off to a mastering technician.

    Table of contents:

    01. Introduction
    02. Arranging the Tracks
    03. Rough Mix
    04. Clean Up
    05. Group Aux Inputs
    06. Effects Returns
    07. Master Fader
    08. Drum Panning
    09. Phase Check
    10. Using Samples
    11. The Kick
    12. The Snare
    13. Hats and Ride
    14. Toms
    15. Rooms and Ambience
    16. Drum Reverb
    17. Buss Compression
    18. Bass Track Timing
    19. Bass EQ and Compression
    20. Bass Level Tracking
    21. Acoustics
    22. Acoustics Panning
    23. Acoustics EQ and Compression
    24. Acoustic Reverb
    25. Electrics
    26. Electrics EQ and Compression
    27. Electrics Reverb and Effects
    28. Keys Sorting and Balance
    29. Keys EQ and Compression
    30. Keys Reverb and Effects
    31. Vocals Lead
    32. Vocal De-ess
    33. Vocal Automation
    34. Vocal Effects Send Automation
    35. Vocal Wrap Up
    36. Background Vocals Sorting and Panning
    37. Background Vocals EQ and Dynamics
    38. Background Vocals Effects
    39. Stereo Bus Compression
    40. Output Levels
    41. The Mix
    42. Bounce to Disk
    43. Printing to Session
    44. Alt Mixes
    45. Using External Processing
    46. Preparing a Backup Session
    47. Preparing the Mix for Someone Else
    48. Preparing Files for Someone Else

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