Producing Indie Electro-Pop

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    Producing Indie Electro-Pop

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    Join composer, musician and producer Rishabh Rajan as he reveals his eclectic production techniques in this behind-the-scenes look at Indie Electro Pop music...
    In this 29-tutorial exploration, Rishabh takes you from his early demos to his final masters. He explains all of his amazing production tools and shares his state-of-the-art production techniques.

    You'll see how to create arrangements and how to make those crucial choices as a song is created, mixed, and mastered. Using a variety of software and plugins (including an iPad!), Rishabh follows his heart, acts upon his inspiration and then rolls up his sleeves to do the hard work bringing his musical ideas to life!

    Watching a creative producer like Rishabh at work in the studio will inspire you to push your own music productions in different, unexpected directions! And while you're here, make sure and check out the other inspiring tutorials in our ever-expanding Studio and Recording Techniques category!

    Table of contents:

    1. Introduction
    2. Jahaan Early Demo
    3. Arrangement Ideas
    4. Intro - Part 1
    5. Intro - Part 2
    6. Verse Arrangement
    7. Pre-Chorus Arrangement
    8. Chorus Arrangement
    9. Vocal Arrangement
    10. Additional Arrangements
    11. The Mix - Part 1
    12. The Mix - Part 2
    13. Mastering the Song
    14. Baadal Final Demo
    15. The Arrangement
    16. Using Paul Stretch
    17. The Mix
    18. Mix Bus Processing
    19. Khwaab Demo
    20. Intro Instrumentation
    21. Verse Arrangement
    22. Chorus Arrangement
    23. Interlude
    24. Second Verse Arrangement
    25. Bridge Arrangement
    26. The Vocal Arrangement
    27. Instruments Mix
    28. Vocal Mix
    29. Master Bus Processing

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