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    I want BITPERFECT Lossless Streaming! The perfect audio streamer! Stream music or any sound from PC to Android; "what you hear" on your Windows PC.

    I created this app with one goal, working real-time audio streaming of what ever I'm playing on a PC to my phone via WIFI that results in no loss of quality.

    Now go throw out your expensive wireless headphones, use better "real" headphones and plug it into your Android phone.

    You can expect to have the best audio possible on your android device streamed from your computer. The audio is compressed in a way that the audio remains "untouched". That is the whole point of this application and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

    The free companion server application is *REQUIRED*, please download from

    This is the Trial Version, there is AppBrain Ads and infrequent sound playback to support the developer by purchasing the full app. The Full App is pureSound WIFI and is 99 cents.

    There is a minimal delay in streaming the audio, and can be adjusted by using the pre-buffer slider in app.

    Using the app Connect to the IP Address that is provided by the server application you downloaded from the website ( ). Allow the server application thru any software firewall prompts.

    **** If you don't hear anything after connecting ensure volume is all the way up and that WIFI is actually turned on ****

    Features Overview:

    Lossless Compression

    Real-time audio capture of "what you hear" on your computer streamed to android device/phone

    Low CPU usage on Server Application with excellent multithreading

    Bitperfect CD Quality Audio Streaming, throw away analog wireless headphones

    Android App is efficient, uses minimal cpu and ram/memory

    Resynchronization if WIFI signal is lost / low

    Customizable minimal latency or pre-buffer size. Choose a greater pre-buffer size if only needed.

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