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    In quanzhou the charming and cultural city, from such a moving voice: she has both the quanzhou ancient civilization consciousness, and a modern fashionable breath quanzhou. She provides the information I Cuo, share the za Cuo the entertainment, the voice of the people I Cuo spread. -September 29, CiTong start at 9 o 'clock in the morning the voice, with four '9' for meaning, to build a quality radio frequency of pure gold. Based on the deep literature, with a warm, pure and fresh, lively and for the style, and the Taiwan strait on the common theme language accents, 24 hours every day of the show, with FM FM105.9 covers the whole quanzhou and blessing, mammal, xiamen, zhang surrounding area.

    Since launched, the sound of CiTong remember media responsibility, committed to fulfilling listener preferences, pay attention to the business needs, from creating the brand programs to improve the quality of activities, from creating excellent team to advocate public welfare...... This along the way, though it is hard, but at every step dependable and honest.

    On the occasion of the Spring Festival, thank you to all the sound of CiTong witness of the growth of the friends. To the sound of CiTong every time to listen to, like a warm sun, a fragrant flower, give you happiness, to give you hope and strength.

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