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    Learning to read music on your smartphone is amusing as a fun game for all ages!
    Choose from the many options: bass clef or treble clef, the percentage of altered notes with sharps and flats, the number of rounds that make up each game, the position of notes (notes on the staves, below or above staves, or a combination of options). Magically appear a virtual keyboard with twelve keys (seven for CDEFGAB natural notes and five for those altered with flat and sharp). You'll have to guess the sequence of notes by pressing the appropriate soft keys. You'll also hear the note, sampled using an electronic keyboard and high-quality voice "grand piano".
    The notes scroll across the screen and you must press the correct button as quickly as possible, before the note exits the screen . The less time you put into it, the more points you accumulate. When the note is altered, you have to push the black button with colored sharp and flat. The color of sharp or flat is the same as the corresponding natural note. At the end of all the rounds, you will receive a numerical score and a qualitative assessment, from beginner grade to maestro grade.
    Enjoy this game and you will learn how to read music as a real Maestro.