Saragam - Sunata hai

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    ‘Saragam – Sunata hai’ is a Nirguni Bhajan by Kabir and sung by promising young vocalist Rahul Deshpande. Rahul is accompanied by artists of comparable caliber. Renowned percussionist Bhavani Shankar handles Pakhavaj and Dholak and Nikhil Phatak is on Tabla. SatyajeetPrabhu on Keyboard and Aditya Oke on Harmonium add to the magic.
    Kabir speaks about the process of Yogsadhana in this composition. He has used the term Gagan – the skies – to describe the body. The skies are full of music of salvation. It is coming from shunya or nothing from where the soul has come. The soul gets a name here in this world and then forgets its origins and gets trapped with the illusions of this world. Scholars do not get trapped by the five senses. They keep learning through the Yogsadhana and thus they get the cream of life and the rest have to remain satisfied with the residual milk (here Kabir has used the terms of butter and buttermilk). Once the ascetic reaches the pinnacle of soul searching it is all pure bliss – bliss of knowledge, says Kabir.

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