Saragam - Ud jayega

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    ‘Saragam – Ud jayega’ is a Nirguni Bhajan by Kabir and sung by promising young vocalist Rahul Deshpande. Rahul is accompanied by artists of comparable caliber. Renowned percussionist Bhavani Shankar handles Pakhavaj and Dholak and Nikhil Phatak is on Tabla. SatyajeetPrabhu on Keyboard and Aditya Oke on Harmonium add to the magic.
    In this bhajan, Kabir speaks about the loneliness of the atma (self), the mere-spectacle-nature of the world, and the attributes of the Lord. Calling the atma symbolically a swan Kabir says it will fly all alone. As a falling leaf of a tree gets a stroke of wind nobody will know where it will fall. Same is with the life of the self. According to Kabir, in the conflict with the Death the man has no chances of winning. The Lord alone can rescue the man, but again it all depends on the self. Everybody, including the Guru and the disciple, will go according to their individual doings.