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    Sautun Noor brings you live and recorded audio streaming 24 hours a day of our beloved Akaabireen.

    For quite some time many saalikeen have been asking for a simple and accessible means to listen to lectures of their Mashaaikh, at their convenience and without interruptions or distractions etc. Alhamdulillah through the grace of Allah , the du’as of our Mashaaikh and the sincere talab of many saalikeen, a platform has been created for the fulfillment of this need by way of an internet radio station named SAUTUN NOOR.

    Insha’Allah, SAUTUN NOOR will broadcast the Majaalis of various Akaabireen, ’round the clock’. A saalik may tune in at anytime and have his/her spiritual thirst quenched.

    Listen now directly on your mobile device or tablet. No need to use the mobile link.

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